Construction Services Reimagined

With UDN, clients have access to a large network of reliable professionals experienced in core construction services, including architects, engineers, designers, and contractors. Each team member brings a unique perspective to ensure a seamless building process.

Whether you’re getting started with your vision, need a contractor to execute your plans, or just want a principal partner to manage your work, we’re here to help!


If you’re just getting started, pre-construction planning is critical to reducing inefficiencies and setting up expectations. It all starts with a conversation about your vision, goals, and resources. We’ll listen to your ideas before suggesting concepts, processes, and initial steps to meet your needs. Together, we’ll help you assess your needs, create your initial budget, navigate your financing options, schedule your timeline and phases, organize permits and zoning requirements, and acquire your site.


Experience our unique design-build process, where we fuse creativity with efficiency to bring your dream project to life. This process allows us to create a cohesive team of experts to work with. By carefully planning and collaborating, we will navigate each stage seamlessly, making your vision a reality.

Construction Management

Construction management is ideal for clients with complicated construction jobs. That includes large contracts as well as varied scopes of work. Think of us as air traffic controllers for construction. We oversee all of your prime contracts—also known as major trade contractors who work directly for you on specific individual aspects of your project—so you can get the best results. UDN boasts years of construction management experience. Rely on us to oversee and manage prime contracts, maintain budget and timeline constraints, proactively identify and mitigate risks, and facilitate collaboration.

General Construction

If you’ve already worked with your own architect and engineer to develop project specs, you’ll still need general construction services to realize your build. UDN will oversee your work from start to finish. We handle all trade contracts, enforcing your plan and simplifying the overall process. We use capable contractors and subcontractors to balance quality with competitive rates, conduct regular client check-ins to ensure full transparency and accountability, and our top general construction expertise encourages efficient building.